Looking for a Brisbane Criminal Solicitor or Traffic Lawyer? Choose a Legal Team with a Track Record for Engaging Barristers

If you are being charged with a crime and are in the midst of preparing for a legal defence, you would be wise to appoint a Brisbane criminal lawyer who will be able and willing to engage a barrister on your behalf. Not all Brisbane criminal solicitors collaborate with criminal barristers. However, particularly for complicated criminal or traffic cases, having a barrister in your corner can go a long way in helping to present a compelling defence.

What Is a Criminal Barrister and What Are the Benefits of Having One on Your Side?

You may be wondering, ‘what is a barrister?’ or ‘why do I need a barrister for my legal defence when I have already hired a team of Brisbane criminal lawyers?’ These questions are both valid ones, and if you have never been charged with a crime before, then you may not know the benefits of having a barrister on your side.

Let’s start by answering the first question: what is a criminal barrister? Perhaps more importantly, what is the difference between a barrister and the criminal solicitor or Brisbane traffic lawyer you have already hired to defend you in your case?

In short, a barrister is a legal practitioner with distinct experience and expertise in a particular area of law. Barristers have extensive knowledge, both of their speciality areas of law and of how courts operate. They are typically more involved in the higher levels of the court than solicitors. In the simplest of terms, criminal barristers are experts in specific areas of criminal law. They are therefore extremely well qualified to argue cases that relate to those specific areas of law.

To answer the second question, about the benefits that a having a barrister can bring to your legal defence, let’s consider a theoretical scenario. Say you are being charged for drug trafficking. One of your first steps after being charged (or even while being investigated) would be to hire a Brisbane criminal lawyer. This solicitor would give you early legal advice and start the process of preparing your defence.

In some situations, your Brisbane criminal solicitors will choose to argue your case in court without a barrister. Particularly, if you are working with Brisbane traffic lawyers to settle a driving infraction, the case may well be simple enough that a barrister won’t be needed.

However, since this scenario has you facing drug trafficking charges, the stakes are high, and the verdict could go either way. Your solicitors might decide it wise to hire a criminal barrister with expertise in drug law to help with your defence. The barrister would provide advice in the preparation of your legal strategy and would advocate for you in court, using his or her considerable skills and expertise to improve your chances of getting a favourable verdict.

Williamson & Associates: Brisbane Criminal Solicitors with Barrister Connections

At Williamson & Associates, we are a team of Brisbane criminal lawyers with 25 years of experience in the legal industry. Despite our experience, we recognise that criminal barristers can sometimes bring insights, skills and expertise to the table that we do not have. As such, we will customarily engage the services of a barrister for our clients, simply because we believe you deserve the best defence possible.

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