Brisbane Traffic Lawyers Eligibility for Work Licence

In Brisbane a Williamson and Associates Traffic Lawyer can help you apply for a Work Licence using a s 87 Application. These can be applied for if person needs their licence for their work, such as if they are a ‘tradie’ running their own business, or if they will be fired if can’t drive – such as where they are employed as a delivery driver. If you are about to have your licence disqualified due to a drink driving charge in Brisbane or elsewhere, and you think that you are a suitable candidate, you should speak to a traffic lawyer from Williamson and Associates Lawyers. We can help you negotiate the process to apply for a work licence in Brisbane or elsewhere.

You will need affidavits prepared, and the application needs to be filed with these affidavits at the Brisbane Magistrates Court, or where your case is being heard, and the hearing of your application is set down for a date to plead guilty to the drink driving and argue the work licence.

In order to be successful, you need to show that you have an open drivers licence, and you must not have been convicted in the last five years of drink driving in Qld or elsewhere. There are a number of requirements, and a Williamson and Associates traffic lawyer in Brisbane can assist you to ensure you comply and provide the appropriate evidence during your hearing of the application in Brisbane or elsewhere.

If you have not committed a drink driving offence, but will suffer extreme hardship if you lose your licence, you may be able to apply for a special hardship order under the Traffic Law provided for under the Traffic Operations Road Use Management Act regulations.

A Special Hardship Order can be applied for if a person will suffer extreme hardship, or their family will suffer extreme hardship, by depriving them of means of earning a living. Alternatively, you may be able to apply for a Special Hardship Order in Brisbane if you can show that the loss of your licence will cause severe and unusual hardship other than by depriving them of means of earning a living. This may be in cases where an individual needs their licence to attend medical appointments, or provide care to children, and but for the operation of the traffic law, they would not have lost their licence.

In order to qualify, the licence must have been suspended while driving on a Good Driving Behaviour Period, because the operation of the traffic law has resulted in you gaining two or more demerit points. Alternatively, if your licence was suspended due to a high range speeding offence (over 40km/h). Must not have been suspended or disqualified in last five years because of demerit points or a high speed offence. The driver must not have been ineligible to apply for a Qld licence in last five years due to demerit points or high speed offence.

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