Criminal Law

We’ll help you get the best outcome in your criminal matter.

We will fight to ensure you get the best defence possible. Our clients face all kinds of criminal charges ranging from assaults and weapons to drug trafficking and the like.

If you are being investigated, or have been arrested and need to appear in Court, we recommend getting advice early from a specialised criminal defence lawyer, who knows how the Police and Prosecutors work. Our criminal law Director, Justin Sibley is experienced as both a Barrister and a Solicitor, and will assist you through forthright advocacy, whether you are defending your matter to trial or seeking the best outcome at a sentence.

The System can feel like it is working against you. We know from experience that there is no such thing as black and white and everyone's story is different. We understand our clients, and how they have come to need our services. We have a track record defending matters that seemed impossible, resulting in DPP withdrawing charges rather than go to trial. Do not lose hope - shift your problem to a criminal defence lawyer who will get you the best outcome.

At Williamson and Associates Criminal Defence practice, we provide advice in all Criminal Law matters, and will strive to get you the best possible outcome in your matter.

No matter what you are defending, it should not be approached lightly. Criminal defence advocacy is a specialist skill, and our experience from police investigations to international crime, will ensure you have the added advantage. Our belief is that your matter deserves specialist advocacy, whether it is a trial in the District or Supreme Court, or a hearing in the Magistrates Court. If we recommend it, we will engage a Barrister who provides the best advocacy possible.

If you are pleading guilty, do not simply leave it up to the Court to decide what penalty to impose. As a former Barrister, our Director believes that every case deserves considered and forthright advocacy and demands a written outline. Get the right advice from a lawyer that knows what to do, and will guide you to the best outcome.

If you have been accused of a serious criminal offence, whether it be drug trafficking or murder, we will advise you how to proceed to ensure you receive the best defence and outcome possible. Your trial defence deserves specialised attention.

Some of our clients prefer not to engage a Solicitor as well as a Barrister to conduct their trial. With experience as both, our Director can assist clients in this unique way. Where we do engage a criminal Barrister for you, we only recommend and use the very best. You can’t risk not getting the best outcome for yourself and your loved ones.

Our Experienced Criminal Lawyer can help you with:

  • All Criminal matters (Queensland and Commonwealth)
  • Extradition
  • Bail Applications
  • Traffic Law including Drink Driving and Drugs
  • Investigative Hearings
  • Justice Mediation
  • Domestic Violence (Defence and Applications)
  • Criminal Confiscations
  • Appeals on Sentence and Conviction
  • Intelligence or other Government Action
  • Terrorism Related Offences

We can improve your outcome by negotiating with the Police Prosecutor and the DPP. Talk to us about how we might achieve this for you.

Williamson and Associates has been in practice for over 25 years, and we prefer to consult and brief specialist Criminal Barristers for your day in Court. We keep our fees to a minimum to ensure you don’t pay any more than you need to.

Getting the Very Best Outcome On Your Day in Court

Whether you are appearing in the Magistrates, District or Supreme Court, at a sentence, trial, or on appeal, your case deserves a Criminal Defence Lawyer specialising in Crime for your day in Court. 

Don’t simply engage a lawyer that does not care about getting you the best outcome in your case. At Williamson and Associates Lawyers, you will strive for a better outcome, through better advocacy.

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