Choosing the Right Criminal Lawyer or Solicitor in Beenleigh

When you find yourself facing criminal charges, it’s in your best interests to retain a criminal lawyer in Beenleigh immediately. You need someone with criminal defence expertise as this is a highly specialised area of the law. As you go through the process of choosing a lawyer, there are some things to keep in mind that can help you narrow down your search and choose the best option.

Some factors to consider include:

  • The lawyer’s biographical information. Does the lawyer you are considering have experience in the area of criminal law that pertains to your charges? Do they provide helpful information on their website? Are they members of any reputable associations in the appropriate area of expertise you are seeking?
  • Can you find any articles or FAQs by the lawyer that increase your comfort level? Search the Internet using the name of the lawyer and his or her firm.
  • Has anyone you know heard of the lawyer? If they have worked with the particular lawyer, what experience did they have?
  • Does the lawyer meet any special needs you may have, such as being able to speak a language other than English?

If a lawyer is unable to meet with you on short notice, don’t necessarily eliminate him or her as a possibility. Keep in mind that good criminal solicitors in Beenleigh stay busy, so they may not have as much time as they would like to spend with prospective clients.

Things to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Solicitor in Beenleigh

When you are choosing among criminal lawyers in Beenleigh, consider the lawyer’s staff. A good lawyer works with reliable support staff, and he or she may trust these individuals with a lot of responsibility. At a minimum, the staff in a lawyer’s office should treat you courteously and professionally.

Before you hire a criminal solicitor in Beenleigh, ask for references as well as a copy of any promotional materials or brochures the firm offers. If you can, crosscheck the information in these documents with other references and sources. Ask for a copy of the lawyer’s retainer agreement and make sure you understand it before you make a decision about retaining the lawyer or his or her firm.

Trust the Criminal Lawyers in Beenleigh at Williamson & Associates

When you need the best possible representation, contact Williamson & Associates to find lawyers who will treat you like an individual and provide you with a personalised, quality defence. As a professional and boutique service, we believe in achieving justice for our clients. We know that your case deserves the best we can give, so we won’t send a solicitor to argue your case, but rather a criminal barrister.

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