Get the Best Representation Possible, with Criminal Barristers as Your Lawyers in Brisbane

Perhaps you are fighting a false criminal accusation and want to make sure that the allegations don’t end up on your record for life. Maybe you made a mistake and are working to get the most amenable sentence possible. Either way, you deserve a criminal lawyer in Brisbane who will take your case seriously and fight hard for you in court.

At Williamson & Associates, we are unique among criminal law firms in the area. Most firms send solicitors to argue their clients’ cases in court—no matter the nature of the charges at hand. At Williamson & Associates, we believe that every client deserves the very best defence possible. With that belief in mind, we bring in criminal barristers from around Brisbane to argue criminal cases in court.

The Williamson & Associates Difference

Having a criminal barrister to argue your case in Brisbane could mean the difference between a conviction and an acquittal, or between a harsh sentence and a lighter one. Barristers focus their attention on matters of criminal law and work at higher levels of the court than solicitors. Having a barrister as your advocate in court helps with aesthetics and gives you a boost in your legal defence.

Many firms of criminal lawyers in Brisbane tend to do one of two things when it comes to barristers. The first option is that a firm will opt out of hiring a criminal barrister—whether to save money or to ensure they turn matters over as quickly as possible. The second option is that a firm will bring in a criminal barrister for a case, but will then charge the client at double rate for the extra service.

The Williamson & Associates difference is that we provide a third option. We are less concerned with time and money and more concerned with giving our clients the best legal defence possible. As such, we bring in criminal barristers for most criminal cases in Brisbane.

However, we also cap our fees in most cases, which means that you won’t pay double just because a barrister is arguing your case. In fact, we tend to charge the same rates as the law firms that don’t work with criminal barristers at all. Said another way, we provide you with a superior service for the same price you would pay elsewhere.

Get a Criminal Barrister on Your Legal Defence Team in Brisbane

No matter what criminal charges you are facing, you deserve to have the best legal defence team possible. The better your team, the better your chances of beating your charges.

At Williamson & Associates, our criminal lawyers in Brisbane know what it takes to win in criminal court. We are aware how much the right criminal barrister can help to turn the tables, even in difficult cases. In short, we are aware how to win, and we want to win for you.

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