What You Can Do to Help Your Southport Criminal Lawyer Get the Best Outcome for Your Case

When you need the services of a criminal lawyer in Southport, there are several things you should know so that you help your situation rather than hurt it. Your lawyer will give you an idea of what you should and shouldn’t do because your behaviour has such a large bearing on the outcome of your legal situation. In addition to the guidelines your lawyer gives you, there are some additional ones to consider.

For example, it is of the utmost importance to tell your lawyer about your situation and what happened. Southport criminal lawyers are there to ensure that their clients get a fair shake in the system. If they don’t know the version, their defence strategy becomes impeded. Whether you are guilty or not, and regardless of the charges you are facing, tell your lawyer. If you committed a crime other than the one you are facing charges for, tell your lawyer. Also tell them if you did not commit the crime but know who did.

Keep in mind that your lawyer has probably heard it all, so don’t worry about being embarrassed. And don’t worry about losing the respect of your lawyer; he or she will respect you far less if it becomes known in court that you misled him about the events that took place. Also be sure to give your lawyer the names and contact information of any witnesses you know about. Do not communicate with the witness yourself, but rather pass on the contact details to your lawyer – you don’t want a witness to misconstrue your approach as intimidation. If the witness reports your contact to the police, you could compound your charges.

You Can Make a Difference in Your Case

When you provide your lawyer with witness contact information, it can save you the cost of an investigator. Also, it gives your lawyer the opportunity to speak with witnesses early on in your case. This time factor is essential to how your lawyer shapes your defence. The chances are that the prosecution will have also spoken with witnesses early on, and has gleaned information that they can and will use to prosecute you. When your lawyer knows what the witness saw or heard as soon as possible, he or she will be better prepared to counter it in court.

Make sure to be on time for every appointment that is related to your case. If the judge in your case sees that you don’t show up for hearings on time, he or she may interpret this as a dismissal of the gravity of your charges, and it could have an adverse impact on you if you are convicted and face sentencing.

Where to Find Criminal Lawyers in Southport You Can Trust

In practice for more than 25 years, Williamson and Associates has your best interests in mind and will work with you to help you get the best possible outcome for your case. We have two locations, one in Brisbane and one in Graceville, and our criminal lawyers have a wealth of experience in litigation. Call (07) 3181 4396 or visit brisbanecrimelawyer.com.au for more information.