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Get the Best Advice Possible, with a family law Barrister as Your Lawyer in Brisbane

Perhaps you are fighting a family law property application, or a parenting dispute, and you need assistance to ensure your property pool division is equitable or that you get a fair amount of time with your children. Maybe your former partner has a lawyer, and now family law litigation seems inevitable . Either way, you deserve a family lawyer in Brisbane who will take your case seriously and fight hard for you, both in and out of court.

Some firms send solicitors to argue their clients’ cases in court—whether it be a complicated spousal maintenance or Hogan Order application. We believe that every client deserves the very best advocate possible. With that belief in mind, we will either represent you as a former barrister now solicitor advocate, or recommend one of the best family law barristers to appear for you.

The Brisbane Family Lawyer Difference

Having a family lawyer barrister to conduct your litigation can mean the difference between a fair parenting consent order, or giving up more of your assets than is fair. Family law barristers are familiar with the rules of evidence that apply in family court cases, and work at a higher level of advocacy expertise than solicitors. Having a barrister ensures the best advocacy possible and they tend to ensure matters get resolved quickly between the parties.

Other family law firms in Brisbane may push you to litigation, tying your case up for months or years longer than necessary. If litigation is necessary, they may opt out of hiring a family law specialise barrister—as the charges for the many appearances in family court seem to have a way of becoming excessive.

Our motto is to ensure you don’t get ripped off and ensures that if you need a family law barrister, it will not make your case oppressively expensive. You may find you have been with another firm and you have already spent thousands or more before you even get to a hearing.

Get a family law Barrister on Your Family Law Team in Brisbane

No matter what you are seeking – a divorce, a property settlement or shared custody, you deserve to have the best family law team possible. The better your team, the better your chances of getting a fair split. We instruct the best Barristers in family law.

At Williamson & Associates, our family lawyers in Brisbane know what it takes to get you that fair outcome, and reduce the time you need to spend in court – with your estate tied up. We are aware how much the right family law barrister can help shorten the time required, even in difficult cases. In short, we know how to help.

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