Let Us Help You to Move Forward

Our Firm believes in avoiding expensive Family Law litigation, and achieving a timely and fair settlement so that the parties can move forward with their lives.

The end of a relationship, and sometimes especially a marriage, is a trying time. Much is often forgotten about the love that parties once shared, and bitterness can easily take over. However, divorce does not need to be a long and expensive process where only the lawyers win.

Our aim is to help the parties avoid Family Law litigation if at all possible. We will advise you on the best way forward, including the use of experienced mediators and arbitrators, to help you reach an amicable and timely solution.

You may have been encouraged to launch proceedings to resolve your property dispute. Or you may feel forced to respond with litigation because your former spouse has already gone to a lawyer. Either way, Williamson and Associates Lawyers will help you to avoid the pitfalls of litigation, and importantly, avoid having your property settlement eaten up by unnecessary lawyers fees.

Impact on Children – Parenting Concerns

Sadly the affects of a breakup are often felt most by the children, and these can last a lifetime. The best interests of the child, is of paramount concern in determining parenting orders, and the Courts will ensure this in the end. However, by the time Courts impose parenting orders, the damage can be well and truly done.
Our aim is to help the parties resolve their parenting orders quickly, in a way that will protect the well-being of the child and avoid lengthy and costly litigation, causing unnecessary strain on family members.

Self-Acting Facilitated Divorces

We can assist you achieve a low cost fair and amicable outcome to your Family Law property and parenting issues. Our firm can arrange a mediation or an arbitration, to ensure you have the best chance of achieving an order that will satisfy both parties.

If you and your former partner are amicable, and are eager to resolve your divorce, property and parenting issues quickly, talk to a lawyer who has been through it before, and can help you to resolve all the issues by consent, without the need to get involved in the quagmire of Family Law litigation.

Talk to us now about a facilitated divorce retreat, where all matters can be resolved by the parties, mediated and arbitrated over a single weekend.

Of course in some cases, litigation is the only option. At Williamson and Associates we brief the very best Barristers, highly experienced in resolving Family Law disputes. Our aim is to ensure timely and cost effective resolutions – so that your hard earned assets are not eaten away by lawyers fees.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence exists and is a blight on our society. If you or a loved one are in any danger you should seek police assistance immediately, and remove yourself from the relationship.

Sadly, in some cases DVOs are used as tools in family law proceedings.
You may be the victim of a former spouse using a DVO as a tactic against you. At Williamson and Associates Lawyers, we will give you timely advice on how to resolve these issues.

Our Expert Assistance

We will assist you with:

  • Alternative ways to resolve your dispute
  • Divorce Applications
  • Property and financial settlements
  • Parenting Matters
  • Binding financial agreements and self-managed property agreements
  • Mediation and Arbitration Dispute Resolution including
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