Hire Williamson & Associates as your Family Law Firm in Ipswich

Divorce is always an emotional process. However, it is incredibly important not to let emotions dictate how you handle your divorce proceedings. Many of the biggest pitfalls of divorce are the result of rash, emotional decisions made by soon-to-be-ex-spouses. Hiring the right family lawyer to represent you in your divorce (and to advise you at critical stages in the process) will help you avoid these common pitfalls and come out on the other side in better shape.

At Williamson & Associates, we provide family law services in Ipswich and throughout the Brisbane area. If you are considering filing for divorce—or have already filed—we can help you navigate this tumultuous process with grace and wisdom. Our core selling point as an Ipswich family law firm is that we always strive for timely resolutions to cases and disputes. We find that quicker divorces are healthier for all involved parties—both emotionally and financially. A speedy divorce will also help you dodge some of the biggest pitfalls associated with the divorce process.

We Take Families Seriously:

  • Mental Health: Legal disputes can are emotionally draining, especially with family. We prioritise a swift resolution so you can move forward
  • Children: We want to ensure the well being of Children is prioritised.
  • Mediation: We can offer recommendations to try and remedy the conflict or create a open channel going forward.
  • Domestic violence: If you are a victim of domestic violence or have a false DVO against you we can help resolve this.

The Biggest Divorce Mistakes

Every divorce is a bit different, so the biggest ‘mistakes’ or ‘pitfalls’ tend to vary a bit depending on the situation. As mentioned previously, decisions driven by emotions instead of logic or planning tend to lead to the most destructive (and expensive) divorces.

Often, our Ipswich family lawyers will encounter clients who are angry at their spouses and want to use the divorce process to ‘punish’ them for past misdeeds. These clients actively want to pursue combative divorces. They refuse to negotiate or compromise, and pointedly try to get their hands-on assets that they know are important to their spouses. Often, divorces driven by rage are the ones where all involved parties lose. They drag on for months or years, are incredibly expensive and destroy any chance for ex-spouses to maintain cordial relationships in the future. If there are children involved, these kinds of divorces can also leave deep emotional scars that affect personality, relationships and overall quality of life for years to come.

Getting too emotionally attached to specific assets is another common divorce pitfall that we see at our family law firm. For instance, clients will often fight hard to keep the home they shared with their spouse, only to realise later that they cannot afford it on a single income. Assets are a big part of the divorce process, but having your heart set on specific assets can extend the length of divorce negotiations. By being willing to compromise, you might focus on putting yourself in a sound financial position instead of getting hung up on material possessions and property. Your future self will thank you.

Sit Down with Our Ipswich Family Lawyers at Williamson & Associates

It can be hard to get away from emotional decision making in a divorce proceeding. However, with the right Ipswich family lawyer by your side, you will be able to consider things from a calmer, more collected and more objective point of view. This analytical perspective will save you from the costliest divorce mistakes and give you a strong start to the next chapter of your life.

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