Avoid a Long Drawn out Divorce with Southport Family Lawyers from Williamson & Associates

By law and by definition, a divorce in Australia can be a lengthy process. The Family Court of Australia requires that couples be separated for ‘at least 12 months and one day’ before filing for divorce. This waiting time is to ‘satisfy the Court that the marriage has broken down’ and reconciliation is not possible. You can engage the services of a Southport family lawyer during this one-year period, and you can even start negotiations with your spouse, but your divorce cannot move forward until the grace period has passed.

Even after you file for divorce, the quickest timeline for your divorce to take legal effect is usually four months. Between applying for divorce, attending a divorce hearing and getting a valid divorce order from the Court, you can expect the Australian divorce process to take about a quarter of a year. The process will also often take longer if there are disagreements between spouses. In particular, divorces tend to drag on for longer if there are children involved.

What Happens to Kids During Divorce Proceedings

While divorce is not an easy process for anyone involved, it often has the biggest and longest lasting impact on children. If you are getting divorced and your kids are already adults, then they will have little bearing on the proceedings. However, young children are very much involved in the divorce process. Questions of custody, care, and visitation are among the biggest considerations of divorce hearings in front of the Family Court of Australia.

As such, it is almost impossible for younger kids not to get caught in the crossfire of a contentious divorce. Not only do children have to watch their parents do battle with one another, but parents will also often use their kids as weapons or leverage to get what they want in the divorce settlement. Needless to say, a divorce can be quite scarring for your children.

Choose Williamson & Associates as Your Southport Family Lawyers and Fight for a Quick Resolution

At Williamson & Associates, we have seen firsthand how divorces can put a swift and decisive end to a child’s youth—often prematurely. As your Southport family lawyer, one of our primary goals will be to avoid this kind of collateral damage at all costs. We have a reputation for resolving matters in a timely fashion, and we are proud to say that reputation extends to family law. By emphasising civil negotiations with your spouse and their lawyers, as well as hearings and other courtroom events that shield kids as much as possible, we will help you protect your children from the considerable blast radius of the divorce process.

When you get divorced, it is easy to think of yourself first and foremost. After all, it is your relationship that’s ending, and your heart that is breaking. If you have kids, though, it is vital to put their interests above your own. Without exception, it is in your child’s best interest for you to pursue a clean, amicable break rather than a messy and drawn out divorce. At Williamson & Associates, that quick and decisive divorce settlement is what our Southport family lawyers will help you achieve.

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