Worried Your Family Law Dispute Might Go to Trial? Hire the Right Sunshine Coast Family Lawyers

Unfortunately, when it comes to divorce, child custody battles or other family law disputes, settling things amicably out of court is not always possible. In such cases where a trial seems imminent, it is important to make sure that you have the right family lawyer in your corner. At Williamson & Associates, we have been working as family lawyers available for the Sunshine Coast for 25 years. We are happy to conduct the trial for you, should your case go that far.

The Value of Avoiding a Trial

In family law cases especially, the importance of avoiding a courtroom trial cannot be overstated. Trials can wind on for years, eat away at your finances and put your very private family matters into a very public arena. In most situations, litigation is simply not in the best interest of any involved parties.

At Williamson & Associates, our Sunshine Coast family law firm puts an emphasis on helping clients avoid trial whenever possible. Even if you think a trial is looming and are looking for family lawyers specifically for that purpose, we will still see if there is anything we can do to bring about a simpler (and less costly) resolution.

Preparing for Litigation, with the Help of a Good Family Lawyer

As mentioned previously, though, there are some cases where avoiding litigation simply is not an option. Some property or child custody disputes are so contentious that the only way to resolve them is to have the court decide.

While our family lawyers at Williamson & Associates dedicate themselves to resolving disputes before they go to court, that doesn’t mean we haven’t spent time in the courtroom. On the contrary, we have extensive experience as both a barrister advocate and a solicitor advocate. We can help you decide on the right course of legal advocacy for your case—based on the nature of your dispute, your budget and several other factors. From there, we will formulate an effective litigation strategy, all with the goal of helping you come out on top in the courtroom.

One of the reasons that clients trust Williamson & Associates with their family law matters in Sunshine Coast is that we have connections with some of the best barristers in the area. Our decades of experience in the legal industry have given us occasion to collaborate with specialist family law barristers time and time again. If your case is going to trial and you need a barrister to advocate for you, we will find the right barrister for the job and brief them on all the relevant details of your case. By the time your case ends up before a judge, you can take heart knowing that your barrister is ready for battle.

Whether you want to take one last try at settling out of court or are ready to prepare for trial, Williamson & Associates can help. To meet with a Sunshine Coast lawyer from our firm, give us a ring on (07) 3181 4396.