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Ensure you hire the Right Family Lawyers and Solicitors in Brisbane

If your former partner has started talking about parenting orders, or a division of your pool of assets, it is easy to become depressed. You may feel you are going to have to fight, just to be able to spend time with your children. Awful things may be said, and often aggrieved parties will take out domestic violence applications against their former spouses, hoping that will make their family law chances worse, taking the focus off the best interests of the child.

The important thing to remember is that we will work tirelessly to level the playing field – dispensing with vexatious DVO applications if necessary, and focussing the matter back on trying to achieve an equitable outcome. By allying yourself with the best family lawyers in Brisbane, you can give yourself a better chance to achieve fairness.

How to Get the Family Law Advocacy You Deserve

We see there are some ways to get the best outcome in a family law context.

First, you need to hire your family law solicitor who is not all about protracted family court litigation, and actually wants to give you the right family law advice early, hopefully avoiding a ‘war of the roses’ scenario in the first place. A good family lawyer will help to break down the barriers to reaching an amicable fair outcome, by consent.

We recommend you should chose family law solicitors in Brisbane who will sacrifice their own paycheck to give you the legal advice you need. The last thing you want is a lawyer who treats you like a cash cow and acts like your case is secondary to the money behind it. If the lawyer demands that you pay before even getting some frank insights, you should have a feel for the lawyer.

Choose Williamson & Associates as Your Family Law Solicitor Team in Brisbane

So how can you get the family law outcomes you deserve? How can you make sure the family law solicitor you hire in Brisbane is going to strive to get you a quick resolution, and try and keep you out of Court?

Ask if your lawyer wants to use non-confrontational representation to try and get a negotiation by consent. See if they will recommend an accredited mediator who can assist in getting the parties to work out their points of difference, and agree on a solution. Ask about their negotiation credentials, and whether they will consider facilitation.

At Williamson & Associates, we do all of the above and more. We take on family law disputes of all types, where parties have been involved in vexatious domestic violence struggles, but can eventually see a way to settle. We engage family law barristers to give you the best chance possible in court, if there is no other solution. We recommend the best in mediators and arbitrators, hoping for a low cost timely solution. And we will do everything we can to inspire confidence in you.

Don’t settle for a family lawyer in Brisbane who pushes you to litigate, charges exorbitant fees never seems to have time to talk. Instead, call upon a firm of solicitors who care and who will do everything they can to help you. Instead, call upon Williamson & Associates. You can reach us right now on (07) 31814396.

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