Decision Federal Court: Extradition Appeal - Review of a Brisbane Magistrate’s Decision – Arguments About Oppression - Delay

In NZ v Templeton [2017] FCA, a Federal Court review involved whether the Magistrate in Brisbane had erred in determining that the respondent should not be extradited. Ultimately his Honour found that the evidence of delay was extraordinary, but the gravity of the offences meant that he was not satisfied that the lengthy period that has elapsed since the offences were allegedly committed, or for any other reason, it would be unjust or oppressive to surrender the respondent.

According to his Honour Rangiah J: “The application for review of the Acting Magistrate’s order is brought under s 35(1)(b) of the Extradition Act. The...
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Woman charged with perjury after giving evidence at trial of man she claimed sexually assaulted her

Woman charged with perjury after giving evidence at trial of man she claimed sexually assaulted her

Justin Sibley of Williamson and Associates Lawyers, assisted Narelle Dawson-Wells, wife of former Attorney General Dean Wells, overcome the DPP’s prosecution of her for perjury, following her evidence in a sexual assault case.

On 20 June 2017, Dawson-Wells was provided the relief of a nolle prosequi at the Brisbane District Court, ending a years long battle in which the Police had elected not to disclose critical material necessary to assist Dawson-Wells defend herself.

The case highlights the disadvantage faced by defendants where police do...
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Ensure you hire the Right Family Lawyers and Solicitors in Brisbane

If your former partner has started talking about parenting orders, or a division of your pool of assets, it is easy to become depressed. You may feel you are going to have to fight, just to be able to spend time with your children. Awful things may be said, and often aggrieved parties will take out domestic violence applications against their former spouses, hoping that will make their family law chances worse, taking the focus off the best interests of the child.

The important thing to remember is that...
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Get the Best Advice Possible, with a family law Barrister as Your Lawyer in Brisbane

Perhaps you are fighting a family law property application, or a parenting dispute, and you need assistance to ensure your property pool division is equitable or that you get a fair amount of time with your children. Maybe your former partner has a lawyer, and now family law litigation seems inevitable . Either way, you deserve a family lawyer in Brisbane who will take your case seriously and fight hard for you, both in and out of court.

Some firms send solicitors to argue their...
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Traffic lawyers in Ipswich ensure licence is not disqualified

Williamson and Associates Traffic lawyers in Ipswich dealt with a circumstances of road rage, where our client driver was at risk of having his licence disqualified by a Court.

The so called ‘witness’ provided a section of her dash cam. What this showed was that she was tailgating close behind our client, herself in violation of the traffic laws in an area of Ipswich. After tail gaiting for some distance, she continued to violate the traffic laws getting onto the motorway in the Ipswich area.

Our client was using his cruise control to sit on 100 km/h. After being concerned...
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