Brisbane Traffic Lawyers Eligibility for Work Licence

In Brisbane a Williamson and Associates Traffic Lawyer can help you apply for a Work Licence using a s 87 Application. These can be applied for if person needs their licence for their work, such as if they are a ‘tradie’ running their own business, or if they will be fired if can’t drive – such as where they are employed as a delivery driver. If you are about to have your licence disqualified due to a drink driving charge in Brisbane or elsewhere, and you think that you are a suitable candidate, you should speak to a traffic lawyer...
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Defending Your Domestic Violence Application in Brisbane

There are of course too many genuine instances of domestic violence. It is a scourge in our society that requires action. Justin Sibley investigated many such matters when he was in the police in Brisbane, Beenleigh and Cairns. Lawyers involved in domestic violence law see huge numbers of both police and private applications throughout Brisbane Courts. The evidence in such cases often warrants charging offenders with criminal offences and not simply taking out Domestic Violence Order (DVO) applications.

Notwithstanding any of this, there will be instances of the Courts in Brisbane and elsewhere dealing with applications that are brought for...
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Australian Border Force Imposes Their Own Justice

Over the last 15 years or more, we have watched as Australian immigration policy has brought Australia into disrepute internationally, and helped to fuel an ever growing problem of hatred towards the West and Australia in particular. Recently, Justin Sibley Barrister on our instructions, worked on a case to free a young Middle Eastern student accused of offences in Brisbane, while on a Student Visa. The evidence was weak at best, and the young man had excellent prospects to beat the charges at trial, if the DPP in their exercise of judgement had not discontinued them earlier. The risk of...
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Should Multiple Drink Driving Disqualifications result in Cumulative Sentences?

Today Justin Sibley of Counsel instructed by Williamson and Associates, successfully argued that s 90B of the Traffic Operations (Road Use Management) Act (TORUM) 1995 (Qld) does not mandate that two separate drink driving offences committed within a short period of each other must lead to cumulative disqualifications. Magistrate Carmody agreed and concluded that a discretion exists, and therefore the totality principle should be applied.

In this case the first minor drink driving offence (over the general and under the medium limit) took place while the defendant was not the holder of a driver license, and the second took place...
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Release of 60 Minutes Crew Sets up Potential Diplomatic Incident

The release on bail of the 60 Minutes crew, and the mother of the attempted victims of an abduction in Lebanon, may be kicking the can down the road in terms of blowback. We would expect that the Lebanese judicial system will want these individuals to return to face Court, in the quite likely event that they will be indicted on some offences. Should Tara Brown and the crew decide not to attend for a future Court date, this is likely to lead to blow back on the Australian Government, especially as Australian Embassy Consular staff were seemingly involved in...
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