Client sprayed with OC Spray Receives Costs

Notwithstanding that his matter took almost four months to conclude, our client has had the satisfaction today of a dismissal on the basis that the Police Prosecutor offered no evidence. Our client was with his brother in the city, when the police acting on information observed on City Safe CCTV intercepted them outside the Treasure…
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Failure to Stop Motor Vehicle – Evade Police

If you have been charged with an offence of failing to stop, under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act section 754 (2) Fail to Stop Motor Vehicle, or given a notice under s 755 of the PPRA to identify the driver, you may have a good defence if you can establish on the balance of…
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Traffic lawyers in Ipswich ensure licence is not disqualified

Williamson and Associates Traffic lawyers in Ipswich dealt with a circumstances of road rage, where our client driver was at risk of having his licence disqualified by a Court. The so called ‘witness’ provided a section of her dash cam. What this showed was that she was tailgating close behind our client, herself in violation…
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