When most of us think of different legal issues, traffic offences tend to land somewhere towards the ‘less severe’ end of the spectrum. Indeed, the average traffic infraction does not have the same gravity as, say, a drug trafficking charge. However, it’s important to remember that traffic offences can be far-reaching, depending on the nature of the prosecution and the driver in question.At Williamson & Associates Lawyers, we will treat your traffic charge with the respect and the gravity it deserves. Our team of solicitors frequently focuses on criminal offences, but we are also highly experienced as traffic lawyers in Caboolture. Whether you are staring down the barrel of a speeding ticket, a charge related to an accident, a drunk driving charge or something else, we will help you to prepare the proper legal defence.Contact Williamson & Associates to find out more about representation for:
  • Drink driving charges
  • Drug driving charges
  • Unlicensed driving
  • Repeat offences
  • Driving while disqualified
Drink and Drug Driving ChargesCourts are taking drink and drug driving charges more seriously than ever. Being convicted of one of these offences carries significant consequences. Penalties vary and may include fines, disqualifications, or even incarceration. When you choose Williamson & Associates Lawyers to represent you, you can be confident that we will obtain all relevant documents, information, and history from the police, and we will speak with you at length to ensure we can present your case in the best possible light.Understanding the Severity of Certain Traffic OffencesThe misconception of traffic law infractions being ‘less severe’ than other types of legal matters probably relates back to moving violations. The most common traffic violations, of course, are the least serious ones. Speeding, failing to obey a road sign or traffic signal or parking improperly are all things that can pose a risk to safety or property, but typically don’t require the full defence of a traffic solicitor in Caboolture.In most cases, to deal with a ticket, you will pay a fine. However, if you accumulate too many moving violations, you could be at risk for having your driving licence disqualified. In other words, all traffic offences can be serious due to where they can eventually lead.More serious offences—such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or dangerous driving—could result in lengthier disqualifications, as well as criminal convictions or even prison sentences.GET THE HELP YOU NEED FROM WILLIAMSON & ASSOCIATES Lawyers AND OUR TRAFFIC SOLICITORS IN CABOOLTUREIf you are facing a disqualification of your driver’s licence, a criminal conviction or a prison sentence, don’t delay: call Williamson & Associates Lawyers today. If you need a traffic lawyer in Caboolture, you can trust our team to help you with all traffic, vehicular or accident-related offences.What makes Williamson & Associates Lawyers unique among traffic solicitors in Caboolture is how hard we fight for our clients. We take traffic law matters extremely seriously, because we know the consequences can change our clients’ lives. We will even look up cases similar to yours in our efforts to get you a more lenient sentence.While traffic offences are often viewed as ‘less serious’ than other legal infractions, the fact is that even a disqualified licence can throw your life into disarray. Don’t put your trust in a Caboolture traffic lawyer who writes your case off as a lesser priority. Instead, count on Williamson & Associates and let our team give you the best shot at a second chance.To enquire about our legal services, call us today on (07) 3181 4396.