Choose Williams & Associates as your Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer to Help Avoid a Conviction

“Everyone deserves their day in court.” While this familiar phrase rings true in our justice system, not everyone’s experience of interactions with the courts is the same. The unfortunate reality is the fact that there are Gold Coast lawyers who put forth only the minimal acceptable level of work for their clients. Rather than taking the time to become familiar with individual situations and researching comparable punitive measures taken in similar cases, such lawyers merely leave the sentencing process entirely in the hands of a judge. When you face charges or a serious traffic offence, this is not the “day in court” many would like to experience.

Williamson & Associates takes an altogether different approach. At our firm, a lawyer will take the time and put in the effort to grasp the facts of your particular case. From representing you when making bail applications to defending you in court from driving under the influence charges, our lawyers strive to achieve the best outcome. We believe that in many cases, legal representation is not a luxury, but a necessity for fair and just proceedings. Rather than simply sending a solicitor to court on a client’s behalf, Williamson & Associates’ lawyers engage experienced barristers in arguing the facts of the case before the court. This is the fundamental differentiator of our firm.

The differences between Gold Coast lawyers are large

In recent years, the expansion of the role of solicitors in traffic cases now means that they appear in court acting for clients much more frequently. However, it is important to understand that attorneys acting in this role may not always deliver the best legal services. Wrapping up a case — no matter the outcome — can become more important than providing real and valuable representation to clients. That is why at Williamson & Associates we continue to engage experienced barristers on behalf of our clients. A Gold Coast traffic lawyer with particular experience in handling cases like yours can make a vast difference. A barrister will spend time researching not just the facts of your case, but how cases similar to yours resolved as well. This allows for comparisons and arguments in your favour to be made before a judge.

Informed and experienced legal counsel is the best recourse

The way you go about choosing a traffic lawyer in Gold Coast can have a profound effect on the way your case proceeds as it goes before a magistrate. Avoiding disqualification or reducing its duration is possible when experienced eyes review your case. Everyone deserves fair representation from individuals who understand how the system works and what to expect from both prosecutors and the police.

Williamson & Associates strives for client satisfaction because we care. Two office locations make contacting us convenient. Visit us at Santos Place, 32 Turbot Street in Brisbane. You may also call on (07) 3181 4396 to request a free consultation and an initial quote from one of our lawyers.