Being accused of a traffic offence can be an unnerving experience for anyone. It is important to seek out the services of traffic lawyers on the Sunshine Coast as soon as possible to help ensure that you have a solid understanding of your rights as you navigate the criminal justice system.In Queensland, criminal law is a complex system that starts with a police investigation. The involvement of your Sunshine Coast criminal lawyers can begin at any time; however, you should understand that you are not under any obligation to speak with police. Instead, you should contact your lawyer before you answer questions or make a statement.

The Court Process and Criminal Charges

Individuals who have been charged with an offence, regardless of the severity of the allegations, can find help at Williamson & Associates. Our experienced lawyers understand that the court process and criminal law can be distressing and confusing for those who are not familiar with such matters. Our expertise allows us to manage your case in an informed manner, helping to ensure the best possible outcome.We are a criminal law firm with offices servicing Brisbane, Graceville, Southport and Maroochydore, and we represent clients dealing with traffic offences, criminal charges, and more. Should you be formally charged with a crime, we can act on your behalf and assist you in navigating the criminal law process. These actions may include obtaining police reports, providing advice related to the Criminal Code, negotiating charges, preparing witnesses, and finalising matters whether by way of a guilty plea or a trial.

Police Investigation

Many people believe that they are obligated to speak with the police and answer questions asked by the police. You should contact our office before speaking with police so that we can advise you and guide you in responding in a fully informed manner rather than in the heat of the moment. If the police do request that you participate in an interview, contact us so that we can help ensure that you know your rights so that you don’t compromise your best interests. Police questioning can be emotionally overwhelming, so it is critical that you receive the information you need before speaking with police.


At Williamson & Associates, we can defend you if the police accuse you of committing a traffic offence or you have been charged with a crime. We have been in practice for over 25 years and service all of Queensland. Because we believe that you deserve the best representation available, we focus on advocacy. However, don’t think that this means we’ll charge you extra for this service. In most cases, we cap our fees.Contact us today to learn more about the service we offer each and every client. Our friendly staff is prepared to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.