Traffic lawyers in Ipswich ensure licence is not disqualified

Williamson and Associates Traffic lawyers in Ipswich dealt with a circumstances of road rage, where our client driver was at risk of having his licence disqualified by a Court.

The so called ‘witness’ provided a section of her dash cam. What this showed was that she was tailgating close behind our client, herself in violation of the traffic laws in an area of Ipswich. After tail gaiting for some distance, she continued to violate the traffic laws getting onto the motorway in the Ipswich area.

Our client was using his cruise control to sit on 100 km/h. After being concerned for himself and his passenger, he attempted to get the car to back off, by lightly touching his brakes. This made no difference to the witness’ decision to break the traffic laws, and she continued to drive very close. Eventually our client committed a Summary Offences Act offence, which while not causing any real risk to motorists, justified a charge.

The witness is seen to wait for a break in the side lane and then speed off at great speed past all of the other motorists. She made a complaint to the police at Ipswich. In modern policing in Queensland, it seems that police make a choice which side to back, and if there are traffic law offences committed by their ‘complainant’ the simply ignore them. This is a marked change to how policing occurred in my time, when police seemed to exercise discretion and make judgements before jumping to conclusions. The regular saying of leaving it up to the Courts to decide, whether that bee Ipswich or elsewhere, places unnecessary strain on the courts system, and also forces people to defend their charges, or simply plead guilty. It is doubtful that the ‘witness’ has been cautioned about her manner of driving.

A submission was made to the Police Prosecutions in Ipswich, and while it was conceded that the witness was travelling ‘close’, they weren’t prepared to drop the charges. As a hard working citizen, our client was at risk of losing his licence. The Williamson and Associates Traffic Lawyers made strong submissions to the Magistrate in Ipswich, and ultimately we helped ensure that our client did not suffer any licence disqualification period, and was able to continue to provide for himself and his partner.

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