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We bring the unique skills of specialist advocacy to all our traffic law matters – ensuring your case receives the best possible representation. You can reach us right now on (07) 3181 4396Licence disqualifications can be worse than jail to many, robbing you and your loved ones of the freedom of movement and the ability to earn a living. If you have been charged with a traffic offence, it makes sense to speak with a traffic lawyer who will ensure you get the best result possible, reducing your overall penalty.You may be entitled to a work licence or a special hardship order to ensure you can continue to work, or attend medical appointments for example. Call now for a free consultation on (07) 3181 4396
Traffic related offences are not to be trifled with. Offences like Unlicenced Driving, Drugs and Drink Driving can result in lengthy disqualifications, convictions and in some cases jail time.
Every case deserves the best advocacy. Do not leave your defence to just any other traffic lawyer who will simply leave it up to the Court to decide what penalty to impose. Your case deserves the right advice to ensure you get the best outcome. You can reach us right now on (07) 3181 4396
Disqualified driving offences can result in jail time. We always look into our client’s personal circumstances, and compare this with actual penalties imposed in cases in Queensland. Don’t leave your matter to just any other traffic solicitor who will not put in this extra time, but charge you the same amount or more.
For a number of offences the loss of a licence is mandatory. We don’t just accept the Department of Transport and the Police dictating outcomes for our clients. Our Director has successfully argued and had Courts impose lower ranges of disqualifications. Choosing us means you have a better chance of reducing the actual time without a licence. You can reach us right now on (07) 3181 4396Our firm will help you with:
  • Drink Driving
  • Drug Driving
  • Dangerous Operation of a Vehicle
  • Driving without Due Care and Attention
  • Other Traffic Accident Related Offences
  • Disqualified and Unlicenced Driving
  • Appeals
  • Work Licences
  • Special Hardship Licences

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Williamson and Associates Lawyers services all areas of Queensland from Brisbane and Southport to the Sunshine Coast. You can reach us right now on (07) 3181 4396
Don’t simply engage any other traffic lawyer who will not get you the best outcome in your case, and will charge you the same amount.