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Important Notice to Our Clients During COVID-19

Instructions for Preparation of your Wills, Powers of Attorney and Binding Nominations can now be done over the phone and via email. There is no need to come to the office. Instructions for execution will be sent to you. Once the documents have been executed you need to post them to the office for checking. The originals will then be placed in safe…

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There are many standard terms and conditions in a contract, and some can be added. Our expert conveyancing solicitors will make sure you don’t get into trouble as a result of the details. By going the extra mile, our diligent conveyancing lawyers ensure you are aware of the problems that budget conveyancing clerks won’t offer you, while ensuring you get a great service quickly at a great price.

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Wills & Estates

Williamson & Associates has provided outstanding services in Wills and Estates for over 25 years. With specialised knowledge of Succession Law our legal team at Graceville can advise you on all aspects of Wills and Estate planning. We will always strive to arrange for assets to be quickly distributed to your loved ones and not be tied up with administrators.

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Notary Public

This Power allows Jennifer in Brisbane in the State of Queensland to authenticate International Documents including but not limited to Passports, Government Documents, Institutional Degress to name a few. Jennifer can also identify individuals by production of photo identification for the signing of international documents ie Transfers, Affidavits, Powers of Attorney, Wills and certify the original identity of the person who executes the documents.

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PEXA Settlements

PEXA is a workspace platform that replaces physical settlements in the CBD. Documents are imaged to record land dealings and directly remitted to the Titles Office. It replaces physical lodgement of documents in the Titles Office for registration of dealings. The settlement proceeds are remitted electronically. Buyers and sellers can opt in or opt out for a PEXA settlement. There is a fee charged to buyers and sellers for the use of the platform. The fee at present is $90.00. There is no benefit to buyers or sellers. It benefits the banks. There are risks involved and they are outlined in our first letters. Selling agents are on board with writing on contracts that buyers and sellers agree to a PEXA settlement. The parties can still agree not to partake in a PEXA settlement irrespective of the condition on the contract. Whilst we have had COVID 19 restrictions there is some benefit for being able to do a settlement via PEXA because there is no physical settlement and therefore work attendances are not required. We are authorised and have the appropriate licences and authorities to perform PEXA settlements.