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Established Over 25 Years

Our firm brings a wealth of legal experience to ensure you receive the best advice and representation.

Why Choose Williamson and Associates Lawyers

We know from experience that everyone’s needs are different, and as such our clients require a tailored approach. Our service focuses on shifting your problems to us, and solving them.

We have a track record of achieving the best outcome for our clients. We know how the system works and will use this experience to get you the best outcome.

By going the extra mile, our diligent lawyers ensure you are aware of all your options, while ensuring you get a great service quickly at a great price.

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About us

Williamson and Associates Lawyers provides bespoke solutions to our clients across all of our core areas of speciality.

We are committed to the very highest level of representation. If you are faced with a problem, let it become ours to solve.

Our practitioners appear in all courts in Queensland, including State and Federal Courts, and have assisted clients as far afield as regional NSW.

We are routinely appearing for clients in Brisbane, Beenleigh, Southport, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Maroochydore and Noosa, as well as further afield in Mt Isa and Cairns.

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