Buying or Selling a Property?

At Williamson & Associates Solicitors, our property lawyers offer a range of conveyancing services, and property law solutions.

Conveyancing Prices From: $790

Our conveyancing lawyers have over 25 years experience in residential and commercial conveyancing.

Why Use a Williamson & Associates Conveyancing Solicitor?

There are many standard terms and conditions in a contract, and some can be added. Our expert conveyancing solicitors will make sure you don’t get into trouble as a result of the details. By going the extra mile, our diligent conveyancing lawyers ensure you are aware of the problems that budget conveyancing clerks won’t offer you, while ensuring you get a great service quickly at a great price. Call now to compare.Our conveyancing lawyers ensure:
  • The conveyance goes through without unnecessary delays.
  • Our Team will ensure you get the best service quickly at the best price.
  • You are in the best position possible to safeguard your rights.
  • With offices at Graceville and Santos Place in Brisbane, we achieve quick and reliable hassle free conveyances, in Brisbane and in the suburbs.
Our Team can help with:
  • All forms of conveyancing
  • Due Diligence
  • Sale or Purchase of real property including Strata Title
  • Drafting special conditions
  • Contracts and disputes
  • Commercial litigation
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