Wills & Estates

Why Use a Williamson and Associates Lawyer?

Williamson & Associates has provided outstanding services in Wills and Estates for over 25 years. With specialised knowledge of Succession Law our legal team at Graceville can advise you on all aspects of Wills and Estate planning. We will always strive to arrange for assets to be quickly distributed to your loved ones and not be tied up with administrators.

When making a will it is vital that it is drafted with precision to ensure that your intentions will be effected allowing all of your nominated beneficiaries to share in your estate in the manner in which you intend.

There is nothing worse than when a person drafts a will and, following their demise it leads to some beneficiaries being excluded due to poor drafting. Even where wills have received care and attention when drafted, it is essential to bear in mind that not only the main beneficiaries but others may also have a right to claim on your estate under the Succession Act.

Many wills are contested today because a beneficiary comes forward after the demise of the testator or because the will fails to reflect the testator’s true state of mind with respect to these individuals. By dealing with Williamson & Associates, you will be ensuring that the very best level of care is taken in preparing these critical documents.

We routinely act for clients involved in Succession Law litigation, ensuring our clients receive the very best representation. We work with specialist Succession Law Barristers to advocate your matter in Court.

Williamson & Associates Solicitors assist clients with the following: